Friday, July 9, 2010

Books n Sermons Review

Every week I'm going to highlight a book n sermons that was edifying to me. With the hopes that it will be the same for you. I finally finished the book Passionate Housewife Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald. I will re-read this book again and again. It was filled with encouragement and instruction from God's word. Being reminded about my role as a wife, homemaker and mother is so important.Here is the link for the book.

Also we are preparing ourselves for homeschooling this Fall:) I listened to various of free audios from The Bluedorns here is there website. My favorite was: The Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling. Go and listen for yourself because we know there will be opposition from the family and we want to answer them from God's word not our own wisdom!

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